This document is to describe the "2nd" version of Dark. The intent is to document the vision for Dark in the future, which can then be used to design a path from v1 to v2.

This document is being written simultaneously with "writing" a few Dark applications. I say writing because they are being written not against a real implementation, but on paper, to try and articulate the design of the language without getting bogged down on the implementation (v1 of Dark has an implementation which I already have a lot of experience with).

After this chapter, the rest of this document is organized by feature - we discuss what we learned from Dark v1 and what problems users experienced, then explain what we believe the solution is. Finally, each section will have a spec for v2 of the feature. This will expand to (or possibly link to) an implementation plan to migrate from v1 to v2.


Each section in the doc represents part of the Dark language, editor, platform, infrastructure, package manager, etc. Each section will follow a standard outline:

  • Dark v1 problem
    • List of problems with outline
      • problem statement
      • solution description
      • status
        • spec'ed, implemented, unknown, etc
  • v2 spec
    • v2 language changes
    • v2 editor changes
    • v2 standard library changes
    • etc

Implementation plan

The intent is to gradually migrate v1 into v2 -- that is, the current version will migrate into v2. Where this is not possible (for example, needing to remove a core type), we will use Dark's language versioning to migrate people to the new version. We hope to enable this with handler-by-handler granularity, allowing users to slowly move their code over in small pieces as they gain certainty that they won't be affected by the change.

Roadmap collaboration

There will at some point be a connection between this doc and the work being implemented, perhaps in some project management software. For now, Dark users are welcome to add GitHub issues in the Dark repo to discuss the contents of this roadmap, and in general to discuss or propose changes to Dark.