Dark supports both users and organizations, in a similar way that GitHub does

Dark v1 Problems

Only Dark employees can create organizations

Problem: There is no UI for organizations

Solution: Add UI, using a Dark canvas

Status: Spec'ed or not spec'ed

Users and orgs are the same thing

Problem: It seems that it's wise to separate user and orgs somehow. We should do that.


  • figure out best practices
  • should not be possible to login as an org (we've been implementing this by having the username be a dark email and the password be invalid)
  • keep orgs and

Status: Need to investigate best practices and make a design

Can't rename username or orgs

Problem: We would like to rename usernames or orgs. The main issue is that the builtwithdark urls would change


  • stop using and create a new URL per canvas (or possibly multiple per canvas) using
  • then allow users to change their username, validating the same rules as otherwise exists

Status: Need to spec naming, and forwarding and deprecation policy for

No trademark/usage policy for username

Problem: Companies get into trouble when they make changes to usernames. Users are very protective of their identities so we should establish rules and norms early


  • investigate best practices
  • Some obvious rules
    • Users can't sell usernames (any financial transaction would result in the domain being taken)
    • No squatting
    • Allow company to re-allocate usernames in event of abuse, significant confusion, or squatting, dead accounts

Status: TODO