Dark v1 problems

  • Queues should be processed with QoS. If someone puts 100k items in the queue, the user with just 1 should still go immediately.
  • V1 doesn't have the ability to fanout, or do any patterns except emit
  • We dont have a good understanding of the currently implemented retry logic, or what the retry logic should be
  • users dont have a good way to get warnings if their queues are failing
    • maybe add a dead-letter queue
  • no way to introspect queues using code, barely any way to introspect them without code
  • sometimes queues take too long or fail, and items build up. should they be rerun? Should there be an expiry time?
  • Queues don't autoscale
    • perhaps we shouldn't be using built-in queues and should istead of cloud-y queues