Lists and Arrays use the same datatype, called Lists. The Dark compiler will in the future optimize their implementation to support good algorithmic complexity and performance for whatever you use them for.

Lists should be used for all “I want a sequence of things” situations, including iterating across them, random access, push/pop, etc.

Dark v1 Problems

No pattern matching on lists

Problem: patterns don't support lists yet

Solution: implement

Status: Spec'ed or not spec'ed

Fake values are sometimes in lists

Problem: errors, errorrails and incompletes can be put in lists, if we're not careful

Solution: Though we have mostly been careful, it would be useful to try and fuzz functions, or add logging, or something to ensure that this doesnt happen

Status: Unspeced

It's possible to have heterogenous lists

Problem: If you have a list of ints, you can add a string to it

Solution: This might be solved by having a type checker tell you what you're doing wrong. Or perhaps we actually track the type of a list and raise an error if the wrong type is inserted

Status: still unclear on solution

v2 Spec

v2 Language definition

type Expr =
  | EList { list : List Expr }
  | ...

type Pattern =
  | PList { val : List Pattern }
  | ...

type Dval =
  | DList { val = List Dval }
  | ...

type DType =
  | TList of DType
  | ...

v2 Standard library

List::append(List 'a, List 'a) -> List 'a
List::drop(List 'a, Int) -> List 'a
List::dropWhile(List 'a, ('a -> bool)) -> List 'a
List::empty() -> List 'a
List::filterMap(List 'a, ('a -> Option 'b)) -> List 'b
List::filter_v2(List list, ('a -> bool)) -> List 'a
List::findFirst_v2(List 'a, ('a -> bool)) -> Option 'a
List::flatten(List (List 'a)) -> List 'a
List::fold(List 'a, 'b, ('a -> 'b -> 'b)) -> 'b
List::getAt_v1(List 'a, Int) -> Option 'a
List::head_v2(List 'a) -> Option 'a
List::indexedMap(List 'a, (Int -> 'a -> 'b)) -> List 'b
List::interleave(List 'a, List 'a) -> List 'a
List::interpose(List 'a, 'a) -> List 'a
List::isEmpty(List 'a) -> Bool
List::last_v2(List 'a) -> Option 'a
List::length(List 'a) -> Int
List::map(List 'a, ('a -> 'b)) -> List 'b
List::map2(List 'a, List 'b, ('a -> 'b -> 'c)) -> Option (List 'c)
List::map2shortest(List 'a, List 'b, ('a -> 'b -> 'c)) -> List 'c
List::member(List 'a, 'a) -> Bool
List::push(List 'a, 'a) -> List 'a
List::pushBack(List 'a, 'a) -> List 'a
List::randomElement(List 'a ) -> Option 'a
List::range(Int, Int) -> List Int
List::repeat(Int, 'a) -> List 'a
List::reverse(List 'a) -> List 'a
List::singleton('a) -> List 'a
List::sort(List 'a) -> List ;a
List::sortBy(List 'a, ('a -> 'b)) -> List 'a
List::sortByComparator(List 'a, ('a -> Int)) -> Result (List 'a) String
List::tail(List 'a) -> Option (List 'a)
List::take(List 'a, Int count) -> List 'a
List::takeWhile(List 'a, ('a -> Bool)) -> List 'a
List::uniqueBy(List list, ('a -> 'b)) -> List 'a

// To remove, see Tuples
List::unzip(List) -> List
List::zip(List, List) -> Option
List::zipShortest(List, List) -> List

v2 Editor changes

  • support for list patterns
  • support for cons perhaps?