Non-unicode sequences of bytes are supported as the Bytes type.

Dark v1 Problems

HTTP body is a string (if not json)

Problem: We automatically convert HTTP bodies into strings, even if it's not valid Unicode

Solution: Use types to specify how to convert bytes to bodies, such that the logical code is as follows body |> Bytes::toString |> Json.Deserialize<MyType>

Status: TODO

HTTP request raw values are strings but they might not be

Problem: HTTP request raw field is a string, but


Status: Spec'ed or not spec'ed

HTTP client calls use Strings, so you can't send bytes

Problem: We'd like to be able to make raw http calls

Solution: Add a type, or even middleware, to HTTP calls such that we can use more types

Status: Spec'ed or not spec'ed

v2 Spec

v2 Language definition

v2 Standard library

v2 Editor changes